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Liaohai explosion-proof elevator carrying astronauts into the return cabin




The successful launch of the "Shenzhou VI" manned spacecraft has made the entire staff of Shenyang Liaohai Machinery Factory extremely proud and proud. In Xichang, in Jiuquan, and in Taiyuan, on each tower of the launching tower, Liaohai brand explosion-proof elevators provided strong support for China's multiple space launches. It can be said that every space launch has the wisdom and sweat of Liaohai people. The explosion-proof elevator of Jiuquan Satellite Launching Base was installed and put into use by Liaohai Plant in 1994. It is a space-specific elevator specially designed for transporting inspection personnel, instruments, tools and astronauts. Its stable performance is directly related to astronauts and towers. The safety of the staff on the job. The factory received the task of overhauling the explosion-proof elevator of the Jiuquan satellite launching base. From the cadres to the employees, they knew the importance of the overhaul and immediately formed a technically strong overhaul team. The engineering and technical personnel carried out the feasibility analysis of the product. According to the characteristics of large wind and sand, large temperature difference and fast aging of elevator components, the most advanced and mature technology was used to determine the overhaul plan and successfully completed the overhaul task. Before the launch of "Shenzhou VI", the factory sent people to the launching base to carry out comprehensive overhaul of the elevators, and to make emergency plans, ready to deal with emergency faults, to provide safe for astronauts to enter the return cabin and to successfully complete the task for the explosion-proof elevators. service.