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Install service

(1) New ladder installation service
Quality Control
The “total assembly” of the elevator is at the installation site. On-site installation is the most important part of elevator quality assurance. It must be carried out under a complete and effective quality assurance system, so that the overall quality of the elevator product can be realized. When you sign a product sales installation contract with our company, it has been included in our company's quality assurance system.
Technical guarantee
Through the technology strategy of independent development and technology introduction, we have developed the latest installation technology to make the company's installation technology reach the first-class level in the industry. Among them, the installation process of the scaffolding elevator is installed in the super high-rise building. Compared with the traditional installation process, it not only eliminates the cumbersome scaffolding construction and demolition process, but also regulates the installation process, and also improves the installation efficiency and improves the installation quality.
We also have a large number of professional and technical personnel, on-site instructors and commissioning personnel who are good at solving practical problems. We can quickly go to the scene, deal with problems on the spot, and have accumulated a wealth of technical practical experience.
Construction management
The company will assign a full-time project manager to be responsible for the planning, coordination, manpower deployment and engineering quality management, safety management, and schedule management of the installation project. Before the implementation of each project, the project manager shall hold a special meeting, strictly formulate the construction plan and carry out detailed technical disclosure, and formulate an emergency plan according to the actual situation of the site to ensure that the elevator installation task is completed on time and in quality.
In the on-site management, we have a set of strict post responsibility system, installation assessment, on-site inspection, data management and other rules and regulations and operational specifications. To ensure that you provide first-class product quality, first-class engineering quality and first-class service quality.
(2) Old ladder renovation service
After years of development, our old ladder renovation service has established a special department to carry out this work, and has accumulated a wealth of experience and achieved good results. With the support of the company's technical department, production workshop and parts center, the transformation department can provide elevator users with various ladders, including the old ladder reconstruction technical consultation, the old ladder renovation quotation, the configuration and related parts production, the demolition of the old ladder ladder and the adjustment and debugging. One-stop renovation service within. The scope of transformation covers control systems, drive systems, safety systems, decoration and decoration.
Our old ladder renovation service also has the following features:
1. Tailor-made optimal transformation plan for customers (including other brand elevators).
2. The investment in transformation is small and the construction period is short, which hardly affects the internal office and operation of the building.
3. The elevator after the transformation saves energy and energy, and the daily maintenance cost is low. In a few years, the investment cost of the transformation can be recovered.