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After sales service

(1) Maintenance service
We practice our services with standard, standard, prompt and thoughtful service tenet. Today, Liaohai Elevator has formed a nationwide service network, going north to Harbin, south to Haikou, east to Shanghai, west to Urumqi, from “Shenzhou” Spaceship launch towers, to aircraft carriers, from commercial buildings, residential quarters, to industrial and mining enterprises, key projects Liaohai Elevator is active in more than 100 cities and regions in the country with a warm and dedicated service team, providing customers with all-round and convenient Service, fulfilling the constant commitment of "customer first".
Qualified elevator products manufactured to design specifications do not necessarily mean long-term good operation. Elevators require regular maintenance, maintenance and overhaul to ensure safe and good performance.
Elevator maintenance service, that is, daily maintenance and upgrade services for elevators. According to national regulations, elevators must be provided by professional maintenance companies. The organization must have legal industrial and commercial registration, qualified technical qualifications, complete engineering support, sound management procedures, and services in accordance with national safety and technical specifications.
The benefits of professional elevator maintenance services are:
Long-term guarantee of safe and reliable operation of the elevator, providing a basis for efficient operation of the building and creating a good environment;
Effectively prevent or reduce the failure of the elevator, safety accidents, etc., and ultimately save the customer's elevator maintenance cost;
Extend the service life of the elevator and increase the value of the customer's investment.
(2) Technical support
Site operation management
Our company has strict site operation management standards, strong technical support, fault reduction and site quality management team, as well as a set of management systems for inspection, reporting, analysis and resolution. Our service team uses scientific and effective mathematical statistics methods to provide planning, analysis and decision-making basis for continuous improvement services based on on-site maintenance operations.
Maintenance technical support
The on-site field engineer will provide remote technical support to the site to ensure that the maintenance frontline personnel can promptly and quickly eliminate the fault and resume the normal operation of the elevator; conduct on-site technical training for the on-site personnel to improve the technical level of the front-line personnel; Consultation to ensure the quality of maintenance.
Failure reduction analysis
In order to ensure the normal operation of the elevator every day, the after-sales service department's failure reduction analysis team analyzes the elevator maintenance situation and the repair, and maintains long-term failure analysis and continuous engineering support to reduce the recall rate.
Site quality management
Adhering to the concept of providing high-quality services to customers and ensuring the safety of first-line employees, the company's professional auditors regularly conduct inspections on the quality of maintenance and site safety, visit customers and listen to customers' opinions; branch maintenance managers and maintenance supervisors The site (user) conducts self-inspection and reports the results to the headquarters; the headquarters collects and analyzes the site quality inspection results and customer opinions monthly to further improve the service level.
Site quality feedback analysis:
Collaborate with the factory quality department to analyze the site quality feedback and promote product quality improvement.